Course Outline 2016

The course ran from Monday (May 23, 2016) to Wednesday (May 25, 2016). All presentations were given in English. Registration began at 8:15 on Monday, in the DLR School Lab (Building 6).

The course was divided in half day lectures and practices. Each course day included a one hour lunch break and coffee breaks. The lectures on Thursday covered a demonstration experiment. A detailed time table can be downloaded here.

Monday, May 23, 2016 (08:15-18:00)

  • Registration (08:15-09:00)
  • Welcome, division into groups
  • Fundamentals: signal processing, aeroacoustic sources and wave propagation, beam-forming, array design, steering vectors
  • Practice
  • Welcome Party at DLR (19:00)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 (09:00-18:00)

  • Application: aeroacoustic source models, measurements in open and closed test sections, data analysis, hardware requirements, installation of measurement equipment in wind tunnels
  • Practice
  • Dinner at restaurant Bullerjahn (19:30)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 (09:00-16:30)

  • Practice
  • Advanced techniques and applications: deconvolution, shear layer correction, boundary layer effects, Reynolds number effects, wave number decomposition 
  • Final discussion


  • Closed test section: background noise, diagonal removal, reflections, flow correction, directivity, typical errors
  • Open test section: shear layer correction, hay stacking, turbulent scattering, calibration of microphone positions, combination with PIV
  • Array properties in aeroacoustics: array layout, point spread function, identification of aeroacoustic sources, 3D beam forming